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25 Cents from every box is donated to Ambassadors For Children


Package arrived way before expected arrival date, received in just a few days. Packaging was done well and snacks were safely secured, no damage. Package came exactly like pictured filled with lots of variety snacks. Would be great to send as a gift or order for an office. Would definitely order again.


This was excellent as my daughter told me her highschool friends (now in college) parents couldn't send a care package. Able to send multiple orders. They were overwhelmed and appreciated the gift. Items were fresh and no complaints.



My daughter that recently went away to college LOVED getting this package. We hadn't heard much from her UNTIL a giant box of snacks arrived to her dorm. We received a text in ALL CAPS:
I have already made a second order and had it sent to my Nephew who is also in College.
This would be GREAT "thinking of you" or "miss you" gift to send anytime of year to a loved one of any age that is away at college or in the military or home bound.

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