The LakeHouse Fundraiser Program



   Based in Springfield, MO; LakeHouse Care Packages is a family-owned small business.  We assemble our mostly-snack-based care packages in-house and distribute them throughout the U.S.A.  Lucky recipients are generally college students, classrooms, children, U.S.-based soldiers and missionaries, as well as offices and their staff or anyone else to whom a fun gift could be sent. You can see our current, and steadily-growing selection by clicking "Collections" or "Shop" at the top of this page.


  Let us start by stating that this is an ongoing fundraiser. There are no deadlines, no cut-offs. You start and can run indefinitely if you wish to have a steady flow of funds coming in.

  We provide you with an organization-specific coupon code along with prelinked QR code graphics, and affliate links for you to share by email, web page, social media post, print, or video...parents, grandparents, friends, social media followers, or anyone can send care packages to their kids, grandkids, teachers, classrooms, friends, soldiers, missionaries, or anyone else in the U.S. anytime throughout the year for any reason.

   All you have to do is keep them aware of the opportunity to help. They do so by sending someone a gift any time using your coupon code or affiliate link. You benefit from ongoing sales with no promotion other than social media posts, email, flyers or videos regularly to keep them aware of the opportunity. We pay out monthly.You buy nothing, handle nothing, deliver nothing. You simply drive people to your link, and they place the order directly on our website using your code or affiliate link. We handle all of the shipping/distribution.

Please note:  We DO NOT mark up our products for this program. These are our regular retail prices at which we sell several thousand boxes per month on Amazon and All prices include FREE SHIPPING to U.S. addresses. We do not currently ship outside of the U.S.

How it works 


1 - Your members or followers visit your affiliate link ( or by scanning the QR code that we provide
2 - They browse and place items in their carts that they would like to order for themselves or as gifts for others
3 - They check out, and that’s it! They must place separate orders for separate recipient addresses. A few days later their orders will arrive to their recipients.


- "Handsfree" 
- No Overpriced Merchandise
- No Selling
- No Collecting Money
- No Shipping
- No Delivering
- No Hassles
- No Deadlines
- No Cut-offs will collect your orders, handle all shipping and distribution, and simply write a check directly to your organization monthly. All you do is keep telling your members and followers about it, and tell them to spread the word. Easiest fundraiser EVER!


   While our payout (10%-15%), may not be as much as some other fundrasier programs, our "Handsfree" model will make sure that your members will NOT dread the thought of participating as they often do.

- There are 2 payout options available...

1 - You earn a referral fee equal to 15% of all GROSS (pretax) product sales whenever your link is used to complete a purchase(Including recurring subscriptions).  (*Our average pretax order total is $46.60, so your payout would be $6.99)

- Or - 

2 - You give your members a 5% discount and your organization earns a referral fee equal to 10% of all GROSS (pretax) product sales. ($2.33 discount, and $4.66 payout) Which option you choose is up to you.

   We payout monthly directly to you, your school or your organization. The minimum payout is USD$25. If your monthly earnings to not reach $25, then the balances will continue to carry over into the next payout period until the minimum is met.


   The benefit of our program is actually two-fold because 25 cents from every care package purchased is donated directly to an organization called Ambassadors for Children to help enrich the lives of foster children throughout SW Missouri. Ambassadors for Children’s (AFC) purpose is to restore dignity to all local youth in foster care. "We want them to know they are valued and loved by providing physical items and support that will, in turn, boost their self-esteem." AFC is an outreach service of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks.

   If you are interested in starting with the program, please fill out the form below. In the "Message" window please provide the best method and day/time to reach you. We will do our best to accommodate you. We will then contact you with the contract, and what you need to get started.

Thank you,
Paul Betzold
LakeHouse Care Packages